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All books are available in our office, or online on our "Shop" tab.
Purchases of books, kits, and guides are non-refundable.
If you are purchasing copies for a presentation, please contact to arrange bulk pricing before you order.
The No-Nonsense, Real Life Guide to Estate Planning in Canada book

The Real Life, No Nonsense Guide to Estate Planning in Canada- $32.00



There are plenty of estate planning guides, but this book is designed fro people who want to know what really works and what makes sense. It's packed with information, ideas, and advice to help you identify potential problem areas in your future plans and to head them off before they cause trouble. This book uses common sense, practicality and real-life examples to help you set planning goals and avoid pitfalls. 


Paperback, 242 pp.



Cinderella's Trust Fund - $24.00


This book uses fairy tales, fables, and nursery rhymes that we all know and love as jumping-off points to talk about executors, wills, estates, family fights, inheritance, and so much more. The stories we all grew up with have been re-told by an estate planner. From Humpty Dumpty to Beauty and the Beast, these tales help bring to life common estate planning topics.


Paperback, 124 pp.



Cinderella's Trust Fund book
The Best of Estate Law Canada book

The Best of Estate Law Canada - $22.00  

This book is a collection of the 80 most-viewed posts on Lynne’s blog, Some of the posts have been read by more than 200 000 viewers! The categories include taxation, beneficiaries' rights, tips for executors, and more. Also included are updates to the information and more details about many of the posts.

Paperback, 216 pp.


Estate Planning Through Family Meetings - $29.00

This book is a Canadian bestseller and stayed in the #1 position in its category on Amazon for more than a year. Dozens of Canadian and American financial advisors use this book as a means of helping their clients talk to their family members about difficult topics such as loss of mental capacity, wills, life insurance, and the need for a Power of Attorney. You don't have to be wealthy to have estate-related issues in your family. This book will help you plan, organize, and conduct a successful family meeting without arguments. It will also help you follow up to ensure that the meeting results are turned into the proper legal documents.

144 pp + CD. The CD-ROM  included with the book contains resources and forms in Word and/or PDF formats, for use on a Windows-based PC


Estate Planning Through Family Meetings book
Succession Planning Kit for Canadian Business book

Succession Planning Kit for Canadian Business -$32.00

The owner of a prominent western Canadian business brokerage called Lynne to say that this book contained the best explanation of capital gains tax that he had ever read. In fact, he enjoyed the book so much that he now gives away copies of it to audience members at his seminars. Almost 100 copies of this book were purchased by The Bank of Nova Scotia Trust Company and distributed to its business advisors as a resource.

This book will help Canadian business owners deal with financial issues such as tax and the sale of a business, but also with "soft" issues such as training one of your children to take over for you. It contains several useful checklists that will get you organized and moving.

68 pp + CD The CD-ROM  included with the book contains resources and forms in Word and/or PDF formats, for use on a Windows-based PC.

Protect Your Elderly Parents: Become Your Parents' Guardian or Trustee - $27.00


This book was written to provide a resource for Canadians whose parents need help as they age, but who did not prepare Power of Attorney or health care documents. The help needed by the parents could be financial or personal, or both. This book contains valuable information about how to ask the court to appoint you as a guardian or trustee for your parents, what is expected of you once you are in that role, and how to properly document what you are doing. You will find detailed checklists and all necessary forms for every province other than Quebec. 


120 pp + CD. The CD-ROM  included with the book contains resources and forms in Word and/or PDF formats, for use on a Windows-based PC.​


Protect Your Elderly Parents book
How Executors Avoid Personal Liability book

How Executors Avoid Personal Liability - $25.00


Being an executor comes with a lot of responsibilities, and personal liability is the biggest risk faced by an executor dealing with an estate. Personal liability can lead to never ending court battles, expenses, and personal costs for the executor. This book explains the most common issues to help you wrap up the estate as efficiently as possible. Executors and beneficiaries will find this book helpful for understanding how to deal with an estate, what the most frequent


136 pp + CD. The CD-ROM  included with the book contains resources and forms in Word and/or PDF formats, for use on a Windows-based PC. 



Beneficiaries Answer Book - $23.00


Lynne wrote this book because it became apparent that there are simply not enough reliable sources of information for beneficiaries of estates. Many beneficiaries suffer financial loss, stress, and family disputes simply because they don't know where to turn. The questions chosen for this book were based on topics raised by clients, seminar audiences, and the 1,500.000 readers (at that time) of Lynne's blog. The book is organized by general topic, such as problems with the executor, or questions about timing. 


133 pp.


The Beneficiary's Answer book
For My Family with Love book

For My Family, With Love - $25.00

This workbook provides a place for you to record information about financial, legal, and personal matters. More than that, though, it provides a place for you to write personal messages to your loved ones to be read after you have passed away. This book, once completed by you, will save your family hours of searching, stress, paperwork, and frustration, at a time when what they really need to do is just be a family. Completing this workbook is a loving, thoughtful gift to your family. It is conveniently coil-bound so it lies flat. 

Paperback, 92 pp


"I'm buying a copy of your book [Estate Planning Kit for Canadian Business] because my Small Business Manager read it and said it was the best business book she has ever read." - Scotiabank Branch Manager


"You can read a brief section [of Estate Planning Through Family Meetings] each day if you like. I however couldn't put it down: it is thoroughly enjoyable, readable, and immensely valuable. Thank you Lynne for sharing so much and so effectively!" - B.W

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