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Seminars have been around forever, but now they are emerging as a secret weapon for consumers who want to keep the cost of obtaining legal information low without sacrificing quality. Instead of paying hundreds of dollars to speak with a lawyer to learn about probate, wills, estate taxes, or many other topics, why not join a group of a dozen other people from your community and share the cost between you?


We offer seminars that are informative, top-quality – and yes, even entertaining! – on many topics connected to wills, estates, trusts, seniors, adult guardianship, powers of attorney, and health care directives. All of our seminars are relaxed, upbeat, and interactive, with comments and questions from the audience encouraged throughout.  You may choose to join one of our regularly scheduled seminars by calling us at 709 221 5511, emailing us, or dropping by our office.


If you'd like to arrange for Lynne to give a private seminar for your company, group or team for general information, business development, or team coaching, call us, email us, or use the "contact" form on this website. The presentation will always be tailored to your specific needs, based on the purpose of the seminar, the composition and size of the audience, and the time allotted.


Lynne is an experienced public speaker whose informal style and friendly approach make estate-related topics surprisingly entertaining and easy to understand. She has made successful presentations to professional groups, private companies, government agencies, non-profit organizations, seniors' groups, women's organizations, and the general public. 




The following are some of the most popular seminars we offer, but any estate-related topic may be requested.

We offer our seminars free of charge for non-profit groups. 

Feel free to email us if you would like more information, or to find out about
customizing a seminar for your group.

Executor in an Hour


This presentation is packed with information for executors, beneficiaries, and anyone who works with executors. It covers the executor's role, personal liability of executors, who an executor can and should communicate with, who may see the will, executor's insurance, dealing with personal and household items, understanding the different types of beneficiaries, dealing with estate debts, and more. 

Basics of Estate Planning


This 90-minute seminar discusses wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney and Health Care Directives. It talks about what those documents are for, why you need them, and how to avoid problems such as family disputes, lawsuits, and excessive taxation. It touches on the principal residence, capital gains tax, mental incapacity, challenging a will, and many other topics. It is intended for any general audience that is interested in doing their own planning or encouraging their parents to get on with planning. Family members often attend together.

Top Ten Estate Planning Mistakes

This 75-minute seminar tends to keep the audience laughing, despite covering topics that are usually considered serious. It covers issues such as joint bank accounts, leaving the cabin to the kids, and choice of executor. Almost all audience members admit to having done at least one of the ten steps Lynne explains should not be done. Each "do not do" is followed by alternatives that audience members can put into action. This seminar has been presented successfully to general audiences of all sizes, as well as to professional groups (lawyers, accountants, and financial advisors).

Estate Planning for Seniors


This seminar lasts for one hour and is intended for groups of seniors, or those who work in seniors' resource centres. It focuses on issues such as mental capacity, undue influence, disputes among adult children, and minimizing taxation. Lynne also gives tips on what a spouse should do to finalize their deceased spouse's estate, as the vast majority of attendees have not taken simple steps that will save stress, money, and delays for their families.

Estate Planning for Business Owners


This 90-minute seminar covers the basic estate planning documents needed by all Canadians but focuses on the unique needs of a business owner. Business succession, dual Powers of Attorney, specific will clauses, and estate freeze are all covered, and discussion and questions about specific situations are encouraged. 


"You've done a fantastic job of breaking difficult information down into digestible yet substantial chunks that are very easy to absorb and work with. Your tone makes serious and often scary issues seem non-threatening and possible to work through if one just applies logic." - A.S

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