Letters of Administration Kit


Are you trying to deal with an estate where someone passed away without leaving a valid will? This kit contains everything you need to apply to the court to become the administrator of the estate, without hiring a lawyer. The kit includes an 82-page printed guide with detailed instructions for completing the documents, full-size samples of all documents, and a flash drive with all of the documents to download and use. The kit is ideal for:

- Letters of Administration where there is no will

- Letters of Administration CTA where there is a will that does not appoint an executor

- Letters of Administration DBN where a previous executor did not finish off the estate


In addition, purchasing this kit also includes:

- A review of your completed firms by a paralegal

- Any necessary revisions to your completed application

- Calculation of the administration fee

- Swearing the application with a Commissioner for Oaths


Please note that your application will not be reviewed by a lawyer. The information in your application must be true to the best of your knowledge. You are responsible for filing the application and paying any associated fees.

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