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Do you have a question that is too complicated for a quick answer on the blog, but you don't need a full hour with a lawyer? Use the form below to ask Lynne Butler your question without needing to book an appointment for a consultation.



The fee for submitting a question is $50.00 CAD. This includes tax. All questions will be answered within 48 working hours.


The fee includes:

- Review of your question

- Any necessary research

- An answer to your question


What's not included:

- A review of any documents

- Follow-up questions/answers

By submitting your question you agree to the following Terms and Conditions:


Submitting a Question

Submitting a question does not constitute a lawyer-client relationship. Neither Lynne Butler nor Butler Wills and Estates Consulting Services is retained by the submitter for any legal services. This does not replace a one-on-one consultation with a lawyer. This service is intended to provide users with an answer to a question, and not to be used as an ongoing method of consulting a lawyer. Questions that do not pertain to the areas of wills, estates, elder law, mediation, the legal system or mediation shall not be answered. Answers will be provided within 48 working hours.


In the event that Butler Wills and Estates Consulting Services is unable to answer a question, the fee will be refunded in full. All refunds are processed using the original method of payment. Questions that have been answered are non-refundable.

Submitter’s Use of Information

The answer provided is intended for the submitter’s use only. Sharing the information provided is at the submitter’s discretion. Butler Wills and Estates Consulting Services will not provide answers to questions to any party other than the submitter.


All information provided by the submitter and transmitted by Butler Wills and Estates Consulting Services is kept confidential. Butler Wills and Estates Consulting Services will not sell, give, transfer, or in any way share your information with a third party, except where required by law.

Retaining Information

Butler Wills and Estates Consulting Services will retain a copy of each question submitted, along with the answer provided. In addition, a copy of each payment will be retained.


If you would like to utilize this service but do not have a PayPal account, please contact to arrange an alternate payment method.

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