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This is our current seminar schedule. Please note that we limit attendance at our seminars to ensure that we have enough hand-out materials and refreshments for all attendees.


You may register ahead of time for any seminar on this schedule by phone at 221-5511, email, or in person. We ask that you pay the fee at the time of the seminar. We can accept cash or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or American Express).


For any seminar that is not sold Any seminar that is sold out will be marked as such on this schedule. You can always call or email us with any questions or comments about any of our seminars.out we will happily welcome individuals who did not reserve a seat but who show up at the door.  

All seminars start at 6:00 pm. We suggest arriving a few minutes early for refreshments, and to choose a seat.

Fees per person:

60-minute seminars.........$25.00            

75-minute seminars.........$30.00

90-minute seminars.........$35.00               Executor Boot Camp.......$50.00    

We are open to suggestions


If there is a topic you would like a seminar about, please let us know. Frequently many people have the same questions, and we would like to know yours.We will do our best to put together a seminar based on your feedback.


Use our "contact us" form, give us a call, or send us an email

Industry Seminars
These seminars are designed for professionals who work in the legal or banking industry.
Please contact us if you would like to schedule one of these seminars for your staff.

Working With Estates For Legal Assistants


This is a two part seminar, completed over the course of one day. Part one is in the morning, and part two is in the afternoon. For those participants who will be attending both sessions, we will provide lunch.


Part 1 - Probate Documents, Beginner/Junior Level


This portion focuses on:

  1. Which probate forms to use

  2. How to complete these forms

  3. How to mark the back of a will

  4. Swearing documents before a Commissioner of Oaths or Notary Public


Part 2 - Working With Estate Files, all skill levels


This section covers:

  1. Confidentiality

  2. Opening and closing files

  3. Working with multiple Executors

  4. The difference between giving legal information and legal advice

  5. Which law society complaints you can prevent

  6. Common mistakes in correspondence

  7. How to set up a statement of receipts and disbursements

  8. Tips for keeping client cost down

  9. Tips for keeping the file moving


Working With Estates for Bank Employees

This two-part seminar is completed over the course of one day. Part one is in the morning, part two is in the afternoon. For those participants who will be attending both sessions, we will provide lunch. 

Part 1 - Probate Basics


This portion of the seminar covers:

  1. Which assets need probate to transfer

  2. Joint property and beneficiary designations

  3. Familiarity with basic probate forms

  4. What the duties of an Executor are

  5. How to help a customer that has an estate but does not have a will

  6. The information a customer needs to complete an estate inventory

Part 2 - Responding to Customer Needs 


The afternoon section will focus on:

  1. How to refer a customer to your wealth management department or a lawyer

  2. How and where to get answers to customer questions

  3. How to tell if a Power of Attorney is valid, and what to do if you are unsure

  4. Dealing with multiple Executors

  5. Opening an Executor's bank account, or Power of Attorney bank account

"Thank you very much for your presentation on Wills and POA. Your expertise, integrity, and experience were all so clearly evident. It was a great presentation and well received by all." - Seniors Resource Centre

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