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Executor Boot Camp


What's required for being an executor? What do you need to do and keep track of? What happens if you make a mistake, and how do you fix it?


Executor Boot Camp answers all of these questions and more. This two-hour seminar will provide you with the information you need to act as an efficient, accountable, and effective executor. The topics covered include whether or not you need to get probate, tips and traps, how to stay out of trouble (including personal liability), where to start, and common errors executors make.


The charge for this seminar is $50.00 (tax included). Included in the fee is:


  • a copy of the materials presented in the session

  • a list of the executor's duties and responsibilities 

  • a sample ledger for setting up and maintaining your records 

  • instructions for preparing and using the ledger

  • instructions on how to minimize complaints and enquiries from beneficiaries 





Are you unable to attend a session of Executor Boot Camp but still need the info?


The information packages are now available, either in print or on a flash drive. Call, email, or visit our shop page to order your copy.


Each package contains all the same materials as the seminar, and is available for $40.00

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