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This is the form the executor/administrator sends out to each beneficiary of the estate at the time he/she is ready to distribute the estate. The download includes instructions for properly completing the form. 


Please note that this form is intended to be used for estates in Newfoundland, regardless of where the beneficiary resides. 

Estate Release - Newfoundland

  • This form is used at the end of an estate by the executor or administrator. 

    When the executor/administrator has reached the end of the estate, he or she will send the residuary beneficiaries a set of financial statements. Along with the statements will be a Release. If the executor is doing things properly, no residuary beneficiaries get their money until all of them have signed and returned their Releases to the executor. The financial statements that come with the Release are intended to give a full, accurate picture of all of the financial transactions the executor has done on behalf of the estate. Please see the other available resources for download for assistance with the accompanying financial statements.

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